Supporting Charities

Supporting Charities

Assisting and supporting charities and development organizations in carrying out their tasks

مساعدة ودعم الجمعيات الخيرية والإنمائية في تنفيذ مهامها

Financial support to launch the association

دعم مادي لإطلاق الجمعية

Moral and administrative support

دعم معنوي وإداري

Involve and collaborate

إشراك وتعاون

In Late January 2020, Association for Charity and Development launched its Food Distribution Center in collaboration with the Fraternity of the Immaculate Conception who will provide the day-to-day management plus other logistics since they are closer to the most needy families in the Old Zgharta district. This neighborhood houses over 1,200 families including about 300 very poor who live on less than US$2./day (around 50 families has zero income).

The project started due the falling economy but “Corona virus” surprised us with much more obligations to the unfortunates.

The project encompasses:

  • Habilitate a center for distribution of the food inside the neighborhood (someone provided location and ACD is finishing the doors, windows, a toilet etc..) – Accomplished
  • Phase 1 (Started): distribute about 20 food items mainly cereals (beans, flour, lentils, sugar etc..) milk, and some canned food – Currently moving from 60 to 250 families per month. We may have to provide more than just Food. We moved from a planned US$2,000 per month to ~US$5,000./month.
  • Phase 2 & 3: have a stove and large refrigerator at the Center (US$6,000) plus a refrigerated Van (used ~US$30,000) to 1) Cook at the Center and reduce the need to distribute to many and 2) collect cooked food from restaurants, bakeries and other; filter and package then distribute to ~ 300 families in the Zgharta plus 50 surrounding rural villages


Name – الاسم



Fraternity of the Immaculate Conception

أخوية الحبل بلا دنس

Divine Providence

العناية الالهية

A bit of love achieves a lot! Under this slogan, the Divine Providence Center in Zgharta welcomes people with special needs: they are children of different ages and disabilities who come to the center every day to find some ones they get along with


El Beit El Defyen Association

جمعية البيت الدفيان

Help needy families by removing misery and deprivation

Candles of Hope 

شموع الأمل

“The Candles of Hope” is a group of women whom only asset was the genuine passion to help others and make a difference.

Gestures from the Heart 

لفتات من القلب

Gestures From The Heart is a group of volunteers from Zgharta, a village in Northern Lebanon, alarmed of the increasing rate of poverty and diminishing quality of life in our community. Gestures From The Heart perceives the need to take immediate action towards these disparities.


Charity Nuns school Zgharta مدرسة الراهبات المحبة في زغرتا


Carmelia School (Mejdlaya) 

 مدرسة الكرملية مجدليا

Don Bosco 

 دون بوسكو

Mme Badra 

  مدام بدره الدويهي

Parish Clinic – مستوصف الرعية  
Mme Julia  مدام جوليا كرم

Karm Saddeh Elderly Home 

 مأوى العجزة في كرم سده

Knights of the Virgin Mary 

 فرسان العذراء