Cultural Exchange

Cultural Exchange

Cultural Exchange includes: Click on the title below, to check more details.

  1. Zgharta Diaspora Meet and Connect
  2. Recognise the world’s cuisines.

  1. Zgharta Diaspora Meet and Connect: 

Objectives الأهداف
Meet and Communicate Zgharta-Zawia: resident and expatriate

The acquaintance of expatriates – expatriates and locals – expatriates during the expatriate visit for mutual benefit.

Creating development opportunities for the individual through a professional and personal acquaintance between the people of our region living in the country and expatriates

Strengthening the attachment of our expatriate people to their lands to return to and to invest

Create business and economic revitalization of Zgharta-Zawia

تعارف وتواصل زغرتا الزاوية: المقيم والمغترب


تعارف إغترابي-إغترابي ومحلّي-إغترابي خلال زيارة المغترب للإستفادة المتبادلة

خلق فرص إنماء للفرد من خلال تعارف إحترافي وشخصي بين أبناء منطقتنا الساكنين في الوطن والمغتربين

تقوية تعلّق أبناء منطقتنا المغتربين بأرضهم للعودة إليها وللإستثمار

خلق مجالات عمل وإنعاش إقتصادي لزغرتا-الزاوية

We started this program in Spring 2018 by collecting Data, and checking with the expat their summer coming days.

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Don’t hesitate to invite your friends and your family.

Program 2018

Program 2019

Due to the pandemic situation happened in the globe Covid-19, we couldn’t do activities in 2020 and 2021