Vocational Training

Vocational Training

We offer different courses that increase peoples’ Skills in professions. Our main intensive courses are mentioned below:

  • Esthetic Course: It is an intensive course, that covers all esthetic areas in collaboration with IECD. It is free of charge, for female between 16 and 30 years old, specifically for non educated one.  The beneficiaries will receive a certificate of achievement from IECD at the end of the course. In addition, our center, is offering  for 5 females a tool kits, that helped them to work from their home and going to the customers.


  • Makeup Course: It is an intensive course, that covers all the makeup artist details, from preparing the skin, skin types, types of brushes, contouring, eyeshadows, eyelashes… At the end of this course every female can do her own makeup, as well she can train more to become a professional makeup artist. This course was very successful since we started on Jan 2019, for this reason, we did 3 courses in a year. For more details about the course, click on the pictures below.


  • Cooking Classes: Includes demonstration and recipes. A lot of women need this type of support in their culinary expertise not just to learn how to prepare a new dish but to develop their knowledge. It is also based on teamwork so they can share their personal experiences with others. From here this teamwork leads to healthy relationships between residents of the area and the society.

As part of the culture, is knowing the cuisine of all countries. For this reason we offered varied cuisines and genres of food.